About Us

About the Income School Template Site

Hey you! Thanks for coming to my site. In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Ricky and I just love making awesome templates for members of Project 24.

An “about us” or “about me” page is actually quite simple really. We’re not trying to write content to rank in search (unless someone is searching for you specifically). What we’re doing here is providing some background about you as it relates to your website or YouTube channel and your niche.

This is a place to build rapport with your audience. Tell them a bit about what your website and/or channel is about. What are you trying to do with your site?

In this case, I’m building this site to have a great place to test the Acabado theme as well as any plugins I want to test. It’s also where I put pages, like this one, that I want to make available to Project 24 members as templates.

Oh, also don’t neglect the photo. Definitely put a relevant photo on this page, near the top. I actually don’t recommend that it’s your logo, even though that’s what I used in this template.

This content alone could be sufficient for your about page. But, you may want a bit more, so I’ll add a few sections. Use as many or as few as you like.

Meet the Contributors to This Site

Ricky Kesler

Photo of Ricky Kesler

I’m Ricky Kesler. I made this site to have a place to test out themes and plugins and to build helpful templates for members of Project 24.

This is a template for an about page where you cover the website about information and the information for all authors on a single page.

If you’re the sole contributor, then you could adapt the top portion of this page. The photo near the top might be of you and should have a vibe that goes along with the subject matter of the site. Then you could remove these author sections.

Or, you could use this page entirely for the “about the site” content and copy over a second version of this page which you use for all the authors. Or… you could have a separate about page for every author and one for the site. In this case, I’d link to the author pages from the main about page.

Ricky’s Awards and Recognition

  • Got a “Worlds Greatest Boss” coffee mug Christmas tree ornament in 2020
  • Created a pretty cool internet marketing membership program that has helped over a thousand families grow their income

Nate Black

Nate is a good guy, but doesn’t actually contribute on this site. But that’s okay.

This is a section where I would highlight each of the authors on the site and give some of their background so readers (and search engines) can understand why they should trust this person.

Nate is very, very, very trustworthy. Trust me, I said so.

Also, he’s really good at YouTube. He’s just not as experience as me at making templates on WordPress.

By the way, I’d just duplicate these blocks multiple times, once for each author on the site. If you’re the only author, just include this info in the section at the top. If you’re just one of the authors, reserve that section for info about the site and its purpose and reserve your background info for your section here in the “Authors on this Site” area.

Nate’s Awards and Recognition

  • 2021 YouTuber of the Year award – The Youtubers of Income School Awards Association
  • Honorary PhD in YouTubery – The University of the Universe of Amazing Knowledge